Bongkar Muat


Eximpro provides work to unload goods from the ship to the dock, barge or truck and load goods from the dock / barge / truck into the ship until it is arranged in the hatch by using a boat crane or a land crane.

With integrated services at the port, we provide professional services for loading and unloading services in several major ports in Indonesia.


We provide loading and unloading services (stevedoring) from and to barges, from ships to ports, and vice versa.


We provide the service of moving goods from the port to landfills in warehouses or fields, and vice versa.

Receiving/ Delivery

We provide the service of receiving and shipping goods from the owner of the goods or the person authorized in the disposal area at the port.

Break Bulk Cargo

We are experienced in handling conventional bulk cargo / general cargo services such as; loading and removing frozen fish, roll paper, tissue paper, swan timber loose bundle, steel, steel pipes, bulk liquid in drums, ceramics, slab iron, bale pulp, billed in bundles, wire rods, etc.

Container Services

We are experienced in handling various conventional containers as a container of 20 feet and 40 feet.


Unitizer With Roro Ship Service

In unitizer services with roll on-roll off ship, we are experienced in handling various vehicles including: cars, trucks, buses, and heavy equipment such as excavators, backhoes, and tractors.

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